The value of pressurized irrigation

If you are not from Idaho, this term may be a foreign one to you. Simply put, pressurized irrigation is ditch water that has been pressurized and processed and is made accessible for you to use on your landscaping. Pressurized irrigation is available in many newer communities, and is an often overlooked benefit. When you drive around the Treasure Valley you will often see canals full of water (April-October). This is where the water comes from that often waters community common areas and your yard if you have the benefit of pressurized irrigation. The huge benefit of it, and why it is considered an amenity is that the water costs much, much less than regular city water. City water through United Water, is where we get the water to use inside our homes. When I lived in southwest Boise, I paid an additional $40 a year approximately for my irrigation water bill. 

I personally have lived in both a home with pressurized irrigation and a home (currently) that does not have the benefit. And when summer rolls around, its something I wish we had to take advantage of. 

While the water is not clean enough to drink, it is great for your lawn, plants, flowers and trees. It also does wonders for the washing your car in your own driveway on a hot day in July.